Teri graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1998 and treats a broad range of conditions and has a passion for treating patients with chronic or persistent pain. As such her techniques are reflected in her approach to treatment, with a large emphasis on patient education and understanding of their condition.

Teri’s treatments have evolved to include medical acupuncture and is an OsteoMAP practitioner, combining osteopathy, mindfulness and acceptance based therapy. Teri has always had a keen interest in exercise rehabilitation and it is at the core of her approach to patient management, often recognising this to be the missing link to full recovery. As such she has studied Functional Rehabilitation to MSc level.

Teri has a teaching qualification in higher education and has previously been part of the faculty teaching undergraduate students at the BSO.

Having been trained in ergonomic assessment, Teri couples her knowledge of biomechanics and musculoskeletal conditions offering a unique approach in this field and is regularly hired to offer onsite advice and reports to local businesses for injury prevention.


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