'As a massage therapist one of the best parts of my job is meeting new clients. I enjoy understanding their requirements and choosing the best massage techniques that will help them achieve their needs and overall goals for their health.'

I am passionate about helping others gain, or maintain, balance in their life with massage.  Balance can mean many things. It can mean helping keep their body aligned, balancing stress levels, or bringing balance to themselves. I find massage helps people suffering with sports injuries, general aches and pains or those just looking for a bit of stress relief. 

My interest in massage developed about ten years ago when I started helping my brother get ready for sports competitions.  His coach showed me how to massage his calf muscles, and it was then that I  realised how much massage can have an impact on the body.


Royal Arsenal

I qualified as a BTEC level 5 massage therapist from the London School of Massage so fully understand how the body’s anatomy, mechanics and movement can be affected by injury. It also means I know what massage techniques work best on various parts of the body. As part of my repertoire I also offer dry needling and in 2017 I enrolled at The University College of Osteopathy to complete the very tough MSc taught there. 

'I have never felt so well, my back has been pain free for months and no tightness in the neck, shoulders or calves.'  - Stephen, Welling